How It Works

Below you'll see how the platform works from onboarding to money in your account.

  1. Create your account
  2. Setup your page
  3. Send your unique link
  4. Loved ones give at the link
  5. Gift is deposited into your account

Creating an account

  1. Know your customer data
  2. Banking details

When your account is created we'll need to collect some data to know who you are as the account owner. This is an automated process to verify your identity refered to as: Know Your Customer

After a successful KYC (know your customer) check you will enter your account information, such as bank account and routing number. This information is used later for depositing into your account. This information is never shown on the website again, this keeps your account information as secure as possible.

Setup Your Page

  1. State how the gift will help
  2. Add a picture
  3. Fill out as much detail as you want

When you setup a page you'll need to include how the gifts given will help. As an example you can creat a page that says this money will be put towards a 529 plan for your child's education expenses. As a way to help your loved ones identify with the gift they are about to give you can also include a photo of your child.

Now that you have a page you can share the link to the page in any way you wish. Possible ways to share your link:

  • Text Message
  • Whats App
  • Twitter Direct Message
  • Facebook Messenger
  • The choice is yours

Once a person follows your link they will be given the option to choose to give: $10, $25, or $100. You'll have piece of mind knowing your loved ones can give to your needs by whatever means is easiest.

Access the Gift

After the gift has been processed you will see it in your account within 2-3 business days. There is a minor fee charged to the gift giver.

As an example if someone gives $100 what will be charged and why:

  1. Payment Processor: $3.30 (3% of transaction + $0.30 processing cost)
  2. ACH Transfer: $0.50 (0.25% of transction + $0.25 ach fee)
  3. Gifting Better: $1.00 (1% of the transaction)
  4. Account Maintaince Fee: $0.25 ($0.25 for managing the integrated acount)
  5. Total Fees: $5.05 (processor, ach, gifting better, and account)
  6. Your Account: $100.00 (the remaining funds after transfer cost)
Your account will see get $100 and the giver will have paid a $5.05 fee for processing.

Want to gift better?

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