The Beginning

The Beginning

A few years ago my wife and I had our first daughter; a few weeks ago we had our second. We are fortunate to have loving and proud relatives that want our kids to have the best life they can. Often times this love is shown through physical gifts – which is great. Knowing our most important job is to provide for their future we had an idea to make that easier: Gifting Better.

We are at the beginning with our kiddos. Physical gifts are appreciated, however, we know we want to set our kids up for success in the future. Having our family help out is icing on the cake. Gifting Better will make it easy for family to show their love by giving to our kid’s futures. These can be education, healthcare, or expenses that creep up as our kids grow up.

We are excited to start this journey and provide an easy to use platform that’s focused on helping our kid’s have better lives!

Garry Polley

Founder Gifting Better

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