Education, Health, and Care

Education, Health, and Care

Here at Gifting Better we hope to help you plan for your child’s future. We’ll help you raise funds for the education, health, and care of your child. You can create dedicated plans for the gifts your child will receive. A few examples:

  • College tuition
  • Braces or other dental needs
  • First Car
  • Sporting equipment
  • Live saving surgeries

Planning early lets your loved ones help support your kid toot. That $100 the grandparents give every year can grow into what’s needed for a first car. Your kid will be ecstatic to have a car. The grandparents get the joy of sharing in that happiness.

You’ll incur expenses as your kids grow. Gifting Better is here to help lighten the burden as you encounter these expenses. Having a Gifting Better account gives your family a firm foundation for any planned or unplanned child expenses.

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